The Celestials

The Celestials is a fiction based on the study of the ufo-phenomenon as an urban myth and as a matter of conspiracy.

The story is revolved around the UFO-sightings during the Space Race in the town of Haparanda, located between the border of Finland and Sweden.

Through the photo novel format, The Celestials discuss truth in a post-truth era, and how that links together with ufology, ufo-religions and photography as a practice.

A meeting between fiction and reality: where articles and documents laps with a story based on the witnesses from Haparanda.

Project from 2020. In collaboration with Maria Ward.

Documents collected from:

United States Air Force (written November 1948)

Universe People (

Articles collected from:

Aftonbladet (published 17th of November 1965, 10th of April 1967)

Dagens Nyheter (published 10th of December 1967)

Expressen (published 14th of May 1954)