Will to Power - Chapter II

Archival photographs from CC Search collected from:

Portland Seminary
(Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Global Perspectives Final Banquet & Awards Ceremony, Christ Church Hall)

Bo Yaser
(Huge demonstration in Homs against Al Assad regime)

(Portuguese anti-Troika demonstration: the family involvement)

(Greek Referendum Demonstration for NO syntagma square Athens Greece)

(57th Military Police Training, District government, Afghan security forces demonstrate progress during Marjah Day, Minot, Barksdale aircrews demonstrate elite, disciplined teamwork)

Ron Rothbart
(Demonstration Against Authoritarian Government in Cairo)

(Demonstration protestor)

Paul Keller
(Construction Workers on the Promenade)

(Statsi Prison)

Fahad Faisal
(Garments Factory in Bangladesh)

Wolfgang Thieme
(Demonstration vor dem Rathaus)